Wide exposure to the dedicated Lumière Brothers in the Grand Palais


From 27 March 2015 until 14 June 2015, an exhibition about the Lumière brothers will be held at the Grand Palais, 20 minutes by Vélib’ Hôtel du Nord et de l’Est and accessible directly via the line 9 of the metro.

It was 120 years ago, the Lumière brothers turned their first film in Lyon March 19, 1985, three days later they were in Paris to present their invention, the cinema. In December 1895 was organized at the Salon Indien du Grand Café, the first session of pay movies, the beginnings of what would become the second largest entertainment industry today.

You can discover the Grand Palais entire epic cinematography, its inventors and, for the first time ever, you can view all of the 1500 film of the Lumière brothers on tablets made available. Some are also restored in 4K.

The Grand Palace also collected many archives, devices such as Autochrome (invention of the Lumière Brothers for taking color photographs), the time of documents and testimony for you to relive one of the greatest French inventions.

Do not hesitate to visit this exhibition during your stay at the Hôtel du Nord et de l’Est, Place de la République in Paris. We leave you with “The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat”, the first movie ever :